A links page.  Bet you've never seen one before.  Go thee now and have fun.

The hosting domain.

Co-site with Rebel-Muse.net

Co-site with Rebel-Muse.net

The Wishing Blue Network
Sister site.  A collective of extremely talented authors, artists, and designers.

An archive that accepts any anime-related fan fiction and fan art.

An archive of steamy fics for your reading pleasure.

Green Tea Forums
If you truly want to improve your writing skills in the Inuyasha fandom, this is the place to join.

Ear Tweak
Famous for its weekly translations of the current Inuyasha manga, as well as the snarkiest fan art section ever.

The Fic Bitch
A must visit site for any author.  It's Sailormoon based, but the concepts apply to any fandom.

Deviant ART
Where art meets application.

The designer's dirty little secret.  And also where I have an account for my photos to be sold.

Live Journal
The largest blogging service on the web.

A gigantic gallery of models for your graphic designing pleasure.

Inuyasha World
Really good resource for finding info on the Inuyasha series.

Anime Kraze
My favorite fan-sub group.

Dane Cook
The man I want to marry.  Or just have really great sex with.  (He's a stand-up comedian, btw)

The guy that plagiarized me.  Go bug him.
This joker stole my fic 'Something Real' after it had only been online for 8 days.  I encourage you to e-mail him your thoughts about this at phiphanatic@aol.com, or visit his fanfiction.net profile.

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