Hello and welcome to Piercing Silence - the personal fan fiction homepage of Angelica Pierce.  Just so there's no confusion, that would be me.

Click the 4 little words about the title to navigate.  You'd think I wouldn't have to say that, but you'd be surprised how many web-ignorant people there are in the world.  Then again, maybe you are one of the afore mentioned 'net handi-capable, and as such are well aware that there are many like you.

And for some other mysterious reason that I cannot discern, some of you are also interested in me and who I am.  : Sigh :  I generally just say that I hate bios so e-mail me to get to know me, but I have come to accept the fact that on a personal site, I should provide a bit more info.

I guess the first thing you should know is that I’m a massive bitch.  So don’t cross me.  ^_~  I’ll leave it to you to discern just how serious I am about that.

I’m 21 years old, a natural brunette (although right now I have a black with fire-engine red streaks thing going at the moment), and a student.  I fit my astrological profile (Scorpio) practically to the letter, although I don’t necessarily place a lot of stock into the concept of fortune telling and karma.  I *DO* however believe in the jinx and there is nothing anyone can say to convince me otherwise, so don’t type your fingers to the bone trying.

I hail from Arizona as of January (before, I lived in the same house in the Silicon Valley my entire life – which hopefully helps to explain my dialect and snark).  Although I must announce that I am not a liberal despite my California heritage.  Just so we’re all clear…

Words most often used to describe me: humorous, blunt, perverted, nerdy.

My hobbies include web design, graphics manipulation, photography, writing, reading, politics, horse riding, debate, and money. I know you all didn’t think money could be a hobby, but then you’ve never met me before.
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