I have quite the list of Inuyasha fic ideas saved and filed on my computer.  However, knowing myself as I do, I can safely say that only a small fraction will ever get written.  I used to put it to the fans to see what they would like me to put my effort toward, but the public is nothing if not a group of very individual minds.  As such, I found myself no closer to a solution.  That is, until Midi-sama pwn'd me and told me what to do.  ^_~

So, here's a list of what will definitely get written eventually: 

Chaos Theory (IN PROGRESS)

After a night of passion, Inuyasha and Kagome must come to terms with the changes in their relationship.  However, their plight is made astoundingly more difficult when Inuyasha's past comes calling.  (Sequel to Something Real)

- -


Omiai is the Japanese ceremony in which a man asks for a woman's hand in marriage.  And whatever Inuyasha expected when he asked for Kagome, he certainly never fathomed this.

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